Corporate Event Photography

candid photo admiring his award

Admiring his award.

speaker addressing attendees

MIT event in Palo Alto.

award winner speech

Honored guest addressing the attendees of the event in Menlo Park.

travel agents looking at brochures

Travel agent looking at Sandals Resorts brochures.

Corporate Event Photography for Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Corporate event photography such as parties, product launches, etc… Of course, the list of what a special event is for a company can go on.

Since 1993, we have photographed events in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose Silicon Valley and East Bay communities.

Events such as product launches, fundraising events for non-profits, holiday parties… are some of the occasions we have photographed. Through the years, we have developed the experience and creativity needed to preserve special moments for your company or organization.


How do you know what to photograph?

For the most part, companies will ask us to document their special event. Also, we discuss details with you prior to the event to be sure what you envision is what we capture. Basically, the more information you provide the better we can serve you.

Can we hire you to photograph headshots during our event?

Yes. Additionally, we work with you to promote and organize how your guests can take headshots during your event. Visit our Professional Headshots page.

Can you organize group shots at an event?

Yes. Before the event we can discuss what is the best time to photograph group shots. In addition, table shots or other special photographs you need can be taken upon request.

Will you photograph the set up before people arrive?

Certainly, we can discuss the best time to arrive to capture all the photographs necessary before your guests arrive.

How do you capture the ambiance of the special event?

Because of my experience photographing events both indoors and outdoors, I know the best techniques to capture the ambiance. Specifically, a dimly lit special event with unique lighting will be photographed differently than an outdoor ground breaking event.

Learn more about our photography services on our parent website Hagop’s Photography.

We Meet Your Deadline Needs

This group photo at a conference was important for a newsletter. We were able to deliver it to them at the end of the photoshoot.

group photo at a conference

Company Retreat at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay