Website Photography

table set up for restaurant website photos

Photo for a restaurant’s website.

dentist room photo

For a dentist website.

room decor

Room decor photo.

hors d'oeuvres photo

Hors d’oeuvres photo for caterer website.

Website Photos for Businesses

Most small and large businesses struggle with how to get quality photographs for their websites. They are not only looking for portraits but also the interior or exterior photos of their business or product without breaking the bank. But do you do it yourself or ask a professional? How does light affect the interior or exterior of a space? What is the best angle and lighting to use when photographing food for a caterer or café? These are some of the issues to consider when photographing for a catering company or hotel or other business for their website or portfolio. Lighting issues and perspective is what we understand best.


This area of website photography is one that we entered quite by accident. Through the years we have photographed many different types of events. We would photograph the banquet room, interior and exterior of buildings, food trays, entertainment, special lighting, etc. all to document the events we were covering to be sure the client receive all the photographs they needed. As we would visited venues and caterers and show them our portfolio they would ask us for a few images. We now have developed a clientele for website photography. The images are used for publication on the web or print.

Businesses Need Photos For Their Websites

Almost any business needs great photographs for their website these days. We have photographed gardens for landscape architects, a plane for a private party wanting to sell it, restaurants (building and food), a psychologist (portrait and office), jewelry/high end gifts retailer, dentists and doctors, and many others. Almost any business with a web presence needs quality photos we provide this service at a reasonable rate.

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conference room photo

We provide businesses with images for their websites in Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley and The San Francisco Bay Area.