Headshots at Conferences

Headshots at Conferences in The Bay Area

Companies hire us to photograph headshots during conferences, conventions, trade show, Employee Appreciation Week or annual meetings. We have done this for many companies, like Oracle, Adaptive Insight (now Workday Inc.), Thermo Fisher Scientific, and many startups.

Attendees line up and wait to have a free headshot. Undoubtedly, they know the value of a professional headshot to use on their company team page and LinkedIn profile. Also, through our experience, when Hagop takes a minute to explain people how he photographs headshots the result is better. After their positive experience with Hagop at the conference some attendees make appointments to have a session at our studio.

Headshots at our Studio

Professional headshot sessions at our studio are different than headshot photography at a conferences or conventions. The client has the benefit of Hagop’s years of experience not only in headshot photography but also in retouching. Hagop has the time to sit with each client help them not only photographing the headshots but also in choosing. In addition, he personally retouches the headshots with them present so that they have input into what is being done.

Undoubtedly headshots have become a necessity for professionals and companies. Furthermore, most people realize the value of having a professional headshot taken by an experienced photographer. 

For pricing and availability call us at: (650) 687-7864 or email us: info@paloaltoheadshotsevents.com

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We photograph headshots at conferences in Palo Alto, The San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley.