Corporate Event Photography In Palo Alto For MIT

MIT Lecture and Luncheon in Palo Alto

group photo of 4 guests

A group photo during the event.

candid photo of two guests

We were tasked to take candid photos.

travel agent looking at the event photographer

A attendee’s concentration and attention to the speech capture on camera.

a video of newly weds

A general view of the event.

Enjoy this slideshow of photographs taken during the event.

MIT Luncheon At The Garden Court Hotel In Palo Alto

The corporate event photography in Palo Alto for MIT was a Lecture and Luncheon attended by alumni and donors of MIT. The three alumni groups that were present were Cardinal and Gray Society, Emma Rogers Society and Katherine Dexter McCormick Society. The alumni event was held at The Garden Court Hotel in downtown Palo Alto, CA.

We were asked to cover the event with candid photos and some pose photos that they let us know about.

Andrew R. Bobbin, Doherty Assistant Professor in Ocean Utilization was the Keynote Speaker. His presentation was “A Sea of Change: Natural Dynamics in the Global Oceans. A question and answer session followed his speech. Lunch was served following which gave the attendees time to mingle.

We have had the opportunity to photograph different alumni events for various colleges and universities that are similar to this event. Some are just presentations like this, others may have honorees or award recipients.

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MIT Corporate Event Photography At The Garden Court Hotel In Palo Alto

panoramic photo of the event

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Headshots at your Conference or TradeShow

Headshots At Your Conference Or Trade Show

female profile photo

Reflect a great expression.

chef professional headshot at a conference

We gain your trust and portray you at your best.

outdoor headshot at stanford university

Show confidence and personality.

headshot of a woman with a hat

A general view of the event.

Taking Headshots

What is involved in taking headshots for attendees of a conference or trade show? Well, the preparations start before the actual day. I get my gear ready a day or two before the show to be sure I have all the equipment and backup gear I will need. I check to be sure I have full batteries and I know where everything is. 

Conference Studio Setup

Arriving early to the conference is very important so that I take my time to set up my studio lights, mount the background on stands, and turn on my computer. Getting there early also gives me the chance to take some test shots to be sure everything is set up properly and I am ready to start photography. It doesn’t take long for attendees to start lining up to have their headshots taken.

Experience in Headshots

I take my job seriously. I try to provide the best headshot for everyone given the little amount of time I have with each of them.This means that I have to quickly look at each person I am about to photograph and determine which side works best for his or her face. I have also to prove to them that I am a professional and gain their trust so that they work with me. For all this I have only about 2-3 minutes. Visit our Headshots page.

Headshot Sessions

The reward comes to me when, after the positive experience some attendees have with me at the conference they call to make an appointment to have a session at our studio or ask us to go to their office to photograph their executive team and other employees. 

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panoramic photo of the event

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Sandals Event in San Francisco

Sandals Event In San Francisco

travel agent watching a promotional video

A promotional video for a Sandals resort.

two attendees posing for a photo

Travel agent taking a photo with a Sandals agent.

travel agent looking at the event photographer

Travel agents posing for the event photographer.

a video of newly weds

Marketing video to the newly weds.

Enjoy these photographs from this post. Click on the photo below to view larger.

Sandals Corporate Event in San Francisco

We recently photographed an event for Sandals/Beaches resorts at the Parc 55 in downtown San Francisco. The event was for travel agents from all over Northern California. The resort was introducing the new CEO and new products like the Destination Wedding Program and new properties. We were there to capture the buzz. It was an amazing event.

Photographing the Set Up

We arrived before the travel agents to document the set up. The Cyril Magnin Foyer on the 4th level of the hotel was full of product information (brochure etc.) beautifully arranged for the travel agents to take and use. We photographed the set up before anyone arrived. Later we photographed the foyer full of people, while everyone was collecting information and talking to the Sandal’s representatives. We then moved to the Cyril Magnin Ballroom to photograph the room, set up for dinner before the guests entered.  The staff at the Parc 55 had prepared the room per the request of the Sandal’s staff.

Speakers and Presentations

After dinner started the presentation. Wow! What a presentation. All of speakers were so inspiring. They were all about support for the travel agents, whatever they can do to help them book vacations. By the end of the event I wanted not only to go to one of the resorts, but also become a travel agent. This is what is written on their website above their awards. To be the very best requires creativity, commitment, and constant innovation – all things we do very well at Sandals Resorts. And that’s why, year after year, we’re proud to have been showered with some of the most prestigious awards and accolades from renowned consumer and travel publications.

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advertising material on table

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San Benito House Hotel

San Benito House Hotel

hotel front view

Hotel front view.

hotel courtyard entrance

Courtyard entrance of the hotel.

wood red heart on the gate of the hotel

Red heart on the gate of the courtyard entrance.

hotel room

A room at the San Benito House Hotel.

Click on the left and right arrows to view more photos.

Commercial Website Photography for San Benito House Hotel

We were asked by the management of  the San Benito House to come to Half Moon Bay and take some photos for their website. We had never notice the property though we had been to downtown Half Moon Bay not only to photograph weddings but also for family outings.

If you read the History of the San Benito House, I think you find it interesting. As we walked through the rooms for the photo shoot I found the old world charm quite pleasant. The rooms and upper story were tastefully decorated to reflect the history.

The convenience of the Deli and Bar/Restaurant and the fact that it is on Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay makes for a wonderful place to plan a getaway.

Though we have not yet photographed a wedding at San Benito House. The gardens with its whimsical décor looks like a wonderful venue for a wedding or special event.

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San Benito House Hotel is located in downtown Half Moon Bay

half moon bay downtown sign

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