Headshots at your Conference or TradeShow

Headshots At Your Conference Or Trade Show

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Reflect a great expression.

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We gain your trust and portray you at your best.

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Show confidence and personality.

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Taking Headshots

What is involved in taking headshots for attendees of a conference or trade show? Well, the preparations start before the actual day. I get my gear ready a day or two before the show to be sure I have all the equipment and backup gear I will need. I check to be sure I have full batteries and I know where everything is. 

Conference Studio Setup

Arriving early to the conference is very important so that I take my time to set up my studio lights, mount the background on stands, and turn on my computer. Getting there early also gives me the chance to take some test shots to be sure everything is set up properly and I am ready to start photography. It doesn’t take long for attendees to start lining up to have their headshots taken.

Experience in Headshots

I take my job seriously. I try to provide the best headshot for everyone given the little amount of time I have with each of them.This means that I have to quickly look at each person I am about to photograph and determine which side works best for his or her face. I have also to prove to them that I am a professional and gain their trust so that they work with me. For all this I have only about 2-3 minutes. Visit our Headshots page.

Headshot Sessions

The reward comes to me when, after the positive experience some attendees have with me at the conference they call to make an appointment to have a session at our studio or ask us to go to their office to photograph their executive team and other employees. 

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We photograph headshots at conferences, trade shows and events in Palo Alto, The San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley.